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You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat it Too, 3rd ed – Florilegium

Though geared toward suburban gardeners starting from scratch, the book's designs can be easily grafted to the micro-habits of the urban landscape, scaled up to the acreage of homesteads, or adapted to already flourishing landscapes. Edible Landscaping with a Permaculture Twist is a tool to spark and inform the imagination of anyone with a desire to turn their landscape into a luscious and productive edible Eden.

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The new book by Michael Judd, "Edible Landscaping, with a Permaculture Twist: How to Have your Yard and Eat it Too" is a wonderful reference for anyone wanting to make better use of their yard, patio or deck space at home whether they are interested in Permaculture or not. Growing our own food and creating nutritious meals free of chemicals and additives appeals to more and more people every year. You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat It Too offers readers design examples, species lists, tips, diagrams, and exercises for designing and creating productive, edible gardens based on permaculture principles.

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Beyond the garden, Clayfield also explains how to use your harvest effectively in your kitchen, green your household, and increase your personal economy by earning money from your hobbies. Also contains a monthly garden job guide. She demonstrates those principles in contrast to the way things are usually done.

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Rachel Kaplan and K. Ruby Blume: Urban Homesteading Focused on their own hands-on personal experience in an urban environment, this hands-on exploration connects to an ever-evolving blog, here.

Written in almanac format with a month-by-month list of suggestions. Juliet also writes fiction. It also contains many useful activities. She also runs Applewood, a 20 acre demonstration and education center. It is a practical permaculture design guide good for use on whatever sized plot of land you are working with. Contains information on water use, managing pests and wildlife, and much more. Published in it is older than most books on this list.

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Tackles climate change, economics, gender roles and much more. She also writes fiction and poetry and her non-fiction works have been published in several magazines. Jenny Nazak: Deep Green The subtitle of this one is "minimize your footprint, maximize your time, wealth, and happiness. Jenny is a long-time permaculture activist, writer, and educator. Find her on FB, here. Crystal Stevens: Grow, Create, Inspire This book contains practical step-by-step ways to build the skills to become more self sufficient.

You Can Have Your Permaculture and Eat it Too

Crystal is also the author of Worms At Work. She is an herbalist, a teacher and a regenerative farmer. She is published in many magazines and speaks at conferences. She lives on a 10 acre farm in Missouri with her husband and two children.

Loved by many, the title says it all. She uses thick mulch to, as she puts it, garden from her couch. You know you want to read this book.