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The rest is fraud. It is the creation of side effects which guarantees future need of drugs for new symptoms. I call the use of prescription drugs the creation of medical wreckage!

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Drugs never cure! All drugs are toxic.

Why Doctors Are Losing the Public’s Trust | Physician's Weekly

How can a poison heal? Do not all drugs have warning labels? Why is that? Drugs are poisons! It is interesting how many billions have been spend on cancer cure research and no cure has been found. No, the chemo they use gives cancer to nurses that administer them. Is causing cancer a crime? The radiation they use to kill cancer, causes cance r, and often kills the patient! Isn't knowlingly causing the death of a patient murder? See related article Cancer Industry Killed my Wife. There are many cures for many things. But the fda swat team is hovering above my phone booth office ready to snatch me up if I say cure and nutrition in the same sentence.

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I have to hurry I hear them coming! What have you studied? Doctors study how to treat illnesses and repair broken bodies, right? Currently you spend your days treating illness or injury symptoms, correct? The result is you will have illness or injury symptoms. Why do doctors die so young? Now if you spent your time making people healthy, that is what you get, healthy people including yourself! For those of you still reading, this may have made you uncomfortable. That means you still have some integrity left. You probably went into medicine to help people and of course to locate that hot sexy partner and make a boat load of money.

See a Problem?

Maybe it was the hot nurse first I believe that is truth for What happened? Did greed take over? Did you realize your education will not result in cures? Or did just the failures to help overwhelm you? Psychiatrist Have you noticed how government appropriations are shrinking? Have you noticed the growing number of psych hospitals that are being closed by the authorities?

Have you noticed the growing number of your profession that are being convicted for crimes? Click here to see the growing list? Psychiatry is a complete fraud and you know it is. Your manual, DSM, where you vote illness into existence as another fraudulent excuse used to drug people, is a classic example of premeditated crime. Your criminal ties to big pharma and their criminal actions will bring you both down.

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The continued use of fraud techniques is a criminal act. Sooner or later your actions will catch up with you and you will no longer be practicing. May I suggest you cease your harmful actions against mankind and start another profession. Why proper nutrition even allows the being to regain control of their sanity in most cases. Remove the poisons and provide nutrition. The being and the body will heal. But what is your future? So is you're super car, big house, acceptance in the snake profession of medicine worth more than your integrity, more than you soul?

Learn how to help people. Even a health coach with a few hours training can do more to help people than most MDs and certainly more helpful that the harmful practices of the psychs! It is hard not to get angry at people who write articles like this as I live in Tennessee which has a nazi like opioid control policy. With cancer and multiple health issues you have to suffer all day and night, every day, month after month.

A friend had two doctors tell her the pain was in her head despite a referral from an oncologist and scans showing severe bone damage. I pulled her out of the bathtub where she was starting to slit her wrist. No pain management doctor will take her on as a patient due to fear of the State shutting their practice down. Pain docs in Tennessee are charged with manslaughter if one of their patients dies from an overdose, despite the fact that most opioid overdoses were combined with illegal or other prescription drugs and taking the medication incorrectly to get a buzz.

So if you have bone cancer…..

Have these lawmakers not ever had surgery or experienced pain? When they do they will be really sorry they made these laws. I worked for hospice but quit because of this I think pain patients should unite and have a website that names and profiles the people making these cruel laws and regulations. The FDA members should be named with credentials and some personal information and large pictures so they are more accountable when they cause suffering in millions of ill people.

These new laws have caused more overdoses than ever before. They are responsible and I hope they are not judged for the suffering they cause many individuals. The elderly, mentally handicapped adults and children, low income, and very ill individuals suffer the worst because they cannot speak up. These people no longer have terrible pain treated. Do you want to open up concentration camps for those with chronic pain and make them suffer as much as possible.

Pain patients will never unite. Sadly chronic pain patients feel too bad to do anything about it. I take Kratom at least 3 times a week. I myself went to pain management and took pain medications for over 10 years. I have experienced pain in my back since the age of I have a diagnosis of spinal scoliosis, fibromyalgia, and arthritis in my neck and spine.

Big Pharmaceutical Companies Don’t Want You to Watch This Video and Neither Does Your Grandma

I decided to try it and have taken since. Pain management became to expensive. I never had withdrawals or experienced any symptoms of taking myself off of opiates. It relieves my pain and is some what of a mood stabilizer and gives you a bit of energy.

Chronic Opioid Patients Speak Out Against PROP

I think people should give Kratom a chance. Yet I experience no symptoms of having to have it. In all of that you did not mention the thousands of lives being saved by this leaf. The thousands of lives getting relief. All you can talk about is how unsafe it is because of the distribution and packaging? It is a leaf.