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This new edition updates every chapter and offers three new chapters.


Toon meer Toon minder. The conductor cross-sections also for the protective conductor must be determined in accordance with the regulations that apply in each case — e. See under "Technical specifications" Rated armature supply voltage. See under "Technical specifications" Rated field supply voltage. See under "Technical specifications" Rated field DC voltage.

Multi-conductor connection 2 conductors of the same type and with same cross-section :. Assignment of terminals for the electronics power supply.

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Note: In the case of line supply voltages that fall outside the tolerance range, the supply voltages for the electronics, field circuit, and unit fan must be adapted to the permissible value using transformers. The rated supply voltage for the armature circuit index i00 and for the field circuit index i01 must be set at p The connecting leads must be insulated up to the point where they meet the terminal enclosure. Terminal type, open-loop and closed-loop control section.

See below for data relating to cables, cable length, shield connection, input pulse levels, hysteresis, track displacement, and pulse frequency. Sensor acc. If you are not using a sense cable, terminals 54 and 55 must be connected. Low-voltage switchgear and controlgear assemblies: Protection against electric shock — Protection against unintentional direct contact with hazardous live parts.

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Semiconductor converters: General requirements and line-commutated converters; specification of basic requirements. Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems, Part 1 — DC drives General requirements — Rating specifications for low voltage adjustable speed DC power drive systems. Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems, Part 3 — EMC product standard including specific test methods.

Adjustable speed electrical power drive systems — Part Requirements regarding safety — electrical, thermal, and energy requirements. IP00 acc. Self-ventilated Forced-air cooling with integrated fan Constant deflection: 0. In order to maintain the important limit values for marine certification, radio interference suppression filters should be used see "Accessories and supplementary components" and option M08 coated PCBs should be selected. The output voltage is reduced accordingly. Logic operations which link several states e. ON command are required for controlling the drive system in a wide variety of applications.

Along with logic operations, a number of arithmetic operations and storing elements are becoming increasingly important in drive systems. The free function blocks are configured at the parameter level. A parameter is assigned to each input, output, and setting variable. The free function blocks can be interconnected at the BICO level. The free function blocks do not support data set dependency.

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The table below shows the range of free function blocks available. The special technical properties of the individual function blocks can be taken from the function block diagrams in Chapter 3 of the Function Manual. DCC allows you to graphically configure the required functionality and then download it to the drive. It provides a significantly extended range of block types available. The electronics module available in various customer-specific combinations with options is installed in a cradle that can be swiveled out.

The easy access to individual components makes this technology very service-friendly. The armature circuit is implemented as a three-phase bridge circuit:. The field circuit is implemented in a half-controlled single-phase bridge circuit B2HZ. Checking the motor insulation has been significantly simplified due to the fact that the line supply voltage sensing for the armature and the field sections is electrically isolated. The fans are always horizontally mounted at the top so that they can be quickly replaced without having to disconnect the power connections.

The basic operator panel offers customers a basic functionality for commissioning as well as operator control and monitoring. Faults can be acknowledged, parameters set and diagnostics information read-out e. It can be separately ordered. You will find additional information about the AOP30 in section "Accessories and supplementary components". Closed-loop control and open-loop drive control.

The closed-loop control and open-loop drive control is essentially designed for supplying the armature and field of variable-speed DC drives. Using BICO technology permits the closed-loop and open-loop drive control structure to be simply adapted to the application-specific requirements as well as the use in alternative applications e.

The most important functions of the closed-loop control include:.

BICO technology Binector Connector Technology allows signal paths to be defined and therefore the controller structure using parameters. Mode of operation: All important points of the closed-loop control are accessible via connectors. Connectors are measuring points that are mapped to display parameters. All important binary signals of the closed-loop and open-loop control are accessible via binectors. Binectors are measuring points for binary signals, which are mapped to display parameters.

All of the important inputs of the open-loop and closed-loop control can be interconnected using BICO selection parameters. This means that by setting the corresponding BICO selection parameter, a connection can be established between any connector or binector. Many open-loop and closed-loop control parameters depend on the particular data set. This means that they have several indices where various values can be set.

All data set dependent parameters can be simultaneously switched over to another data set using binary control signals. By parameterizing several command data sets and switching between them, the drive can be operated with different pre-configured signal sources. Controller setting is supported by selecting automatic optimization runs. The selection is made using special key numbers. The following controller functions can be set using an automatic optimization run:. The operating state of the converter is displayed using a parameter. Several hundred signals can be displayed via parameter or selected for output on the display unit.

Up to eight measured quantities can be saved by selecting the trace function. A measured quantity or the occurrence of a fault message can be parameterized as trigger condition.

By selecting a trigger delay, it is also possible to record trace the pre-history and post-history of events. The sampling time of the measured value storage can be parameterized. A number is assigned to each fault message. In addition, the operating hour of the event is saved together with the fault message.


This allows the cause of the fault to be quickly pinpointed. Then, instead of the operating hour of the event, the day and the time of day of the event is displayed in the AOP30 fault list.

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For diagnostic purposes, the last eight fault messages are saved with fault number, fault value and the operating hours. Fault messages should either be acknowledged via the operator panel, a binary user-assignable terminal or a serial interface. The "switch-on inhibit" state is reached after the fault has been acknowledged. If the time is set to zero, a fault message is immediately output for power failure without a restart. A distinction is made between the following groups of fault messages:.

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The fault messages can be individually deactivated using a parameter. Some fault messages are already deactivated in the factory and can be activated using this parameter. Alarm messages display special states; however, they do not cause the drive to be switched-off. Alarms that occur do not have to be acknowledged, but rather they are automatically reset as soon as the cause of the alarm is no longer present.

A distinction is made between the following groups of alarms:. After converting to a digital value, the quantity of the analog inputs can be flexibly adapted via parameters for scaling, filter, sign selection and offset input.