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If you are feeling overwhelmed, talk to a close relative or friend who you can trust. Sometimes simply talking about your feelings can give you renewed strength to tackle goals. We all react to stress differently and therefore, must find the best way to manage our stressors. Since there may be several ways of managing a given situation, we need to find a style that best helps us deal with a particular stressor.

There are three styles which can be used individually, or in combination with one another. They are as follows:. Here are some examples:.

Sharon had an important report due a week after returning from holiday. She obsessed over it knowing that it would be a difficult task to complete. However, she did not want to spend her vacation worrying about it, nor did she want to do any work on it while she was away from the office. She analyzed the situation and decided the best way to deal with it was to somehow get it out of the way before she left and then all she had to do was to tweak it on her return. She looked at the workload and prioritized it.

She determined she could spend at least two hours a day working on the report. The items with the least priority would be pushed back for when she returned. By dealing with the problem directly, she was able to reduce the stress before, during and after her holiday.

  • 1. Meditate.
  • 62 Stress Management Techniques, Strategies & Activities.
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In another example, students are often overwhelmed by the amount of material they have to cover when studying for a final examination, even when they have been studying regularly during the semester and generally having several weeks to prepare prior to taking the exam. This is caused by their perception that they cannot cover all of the material. This is an emotion-oriented behavior. Some of the successful students adopt the following strategy to deal with this situation.

Try the Naam Yoga Hand Trick. Using your fingertips, apply pressure to the space between the knuckles of your index and middle fingers. Stop multitasking. So chill out and take things one step at a time. Get a Colouring Book. Have a banana.

These ways of coping with stress are amazing | Marie Claire

Stress can also leave us feeling depleted but bananas give you a replenishing energy boost that will get you swinging from the trees again! Worryingly worry can counterproductively occur at any point in the day and release stress hormones into the body that can cause anxiety and lower our immune systems.

So schedule a 15 minute worry window in your day, where you can write down your worries and work through them. Do some baking. The smell of baking can make people feel calm and comforted. Cook up a facemask. Relax for 10 to look and feel rejuvenated. Stay silly. Studies have consistently highlighted the importance of play for helping manage stress throughout our lives. Goofing around is good for us so bring out the lego, pull ugly faces and dance in the rain shamelessly!

Keep calm and kiss. Kissing increases levels of the love hormone, oxytocin, which relaxes us whilst decreasing the stress hormone, cortisol. Stay inside and listen to the rain. So curl up with a hot choc and let your brainwaves do the work. Watch a nature documentary. Create a little zen den in your room where you can meditate e. Reaching a meditative state takes practice but there are some great tips for beginners online.

Meditation can help ease anxiety and improve concentration, so peace out. This yoga method requires you to breathe through one nostril at a time inhale through the left by blocking the right, exhale through the right by blocking the left, repeat for 3 minutes to relieve stress. Weird but wonderful! A spoonful of honey. Turn up the music and dance.

Combining music and dance can help build self-esteem, lift your mood and reduce anxiety. Watch a tearjerker. Try self-hypnosis. Ok so forget dangling pendants and special powers, self-hypnosis can really work! You may associate doodling with being bored in class but doing it in your spare time can be a great way to relax. Play games. Fun games can trigger the release of endorphins and can help shift your attention away from stress.

These 101 ways of coping with stress are amazing

Interacting with friends and families through games can help ease stressful dynamics too. Have a hug. Hugging increases serotonin levels which are linked to happiness and releases oxytocin which lowers stress hormones like cortisol. How lovely. Have a massage exchange. There are loads of tips online so you, your mate and your bank balance can enjoy the benefits of relaxation!

Drink hot water. Ok, so it may not be as delicious as a hot chocolate but it will cleanse your system of toxins that have accumulated in the body and may be causing tension. You could try adding some lemon for flavour, vitamin C and its mood enhancing properties e. Support someone else. Moving your attention outside yourself can help take the pressure of stressors in your own life and supporting others can also give you valuable insight for how to redress your issues. Visit a free museum or gallery. Cultural centers provide a safe haven of positive distraction, reduce tension and inspire our creativity too.

Watch cute animals on youtube. Oh, the power of cute!

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Watching our furry friends doing their thing can help reduce your stress levels and lift your mood. Go Stargazing. Cool, huh? Light some incense. Scents like Sandalwood and Sage can help calm anxieties and aid relaxation and make your room smell wonderful! Squeeze a stress ball. Using a stress ball can help alleviate tension by promoting muscle relaxation and providing a general sense of release.

Keeping a diary. Venting all those thoughts and emotions onto paper can make your feelings and problems seem less intimidating. Writing can be both insightful and therapeutic so get those words down on paper! Chew gum. Drink green tea. Feeling all worked up? Green tea is a source of the chemical L-Theanine which can help relieve anger. Call an old friend.

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Feeling out of control? Speaking to an old friend can be really grounding. Social connectedness can reduce stress levels and no doubt the nostalgia will get you smiling and laughing too! Snuggle up with a pet. Cuddling your pet can help reduce anxiety through the release of oxytocin in your brain, ease feelings of social rejection and make you feel cared for which can help boost your self esteem. The cutest therapy going!